Most sales jobs suck. And most sales guys (and sales gals) lead pretty miserable, high-stress lives. What’s more, most sales people seem to always come off a bit desperate. (Others come off more clueless than desperate, but that’s another story.)

When I got into selling, I wasn’t interested in any of the traditional forms of selling. I tried the conventional route when I was a young kid — tried selling carpet at a carpet and rug store, of all things — and it was a disaster. I wasn’t much good at it, and when I looked around at the guys who were good at it, I knew straight off that I didn’t want to be like them, even if it meant making “salesman of the month” twelve months in a row.

Fact is, those guys were a sorry lot. They worked their asses off, putting in 12-hour days six days a week. I remember one poor bastard who stalked the front door for walk-ins like a buzzard waiting for a wounded gopher to drop over and die. Desperate and hungry, and getting ulcers over worrying whether or not the economy was going to put him out of a job or whether his latest sale was going to back out on him and ask for their deposit back.

Another desperate group I don’t ever want to be part of is the MLM crowd. Now, I’m sure there must be one or two good multi-level-marketing companies out there. But again, I’ve had first-hand experience with it (for me personally it was Amway, back in the day; more recently it’s been people I know, jumping into all sorts of wacky outfits), and frankly, those people tend to be even more desperate than the sweaty vulture at the carpet place. Desperate but always smiling. Always trying a bit too hard to make you think they’re “doing great!” … but never quite convincing me that they aren’t, in fact, three months behind on their car payments and one missed mortgage away from climbing up a clock tower with a rifle and a case of Acai Berry juice.

Here’s the thing.

If regular sales jobs suck (or even somewhat irregular ones, like the ones the MLM folks are always trying to get you to join up with), if trying to make a living in corporate sales, medical supply sales, pharmaceutical sales, used car sales, door-to-door sales, telemarketing sales, insurance sales, mortgage sales, and, god help us, furniture and carpet sales — if all of that gives you the screaming heebie-jeebies (it sure as hell does me!), then it’s time to rethink your sales gig and decide what it is you DO want.

I’ll tell you what I want. I want to roll like a rock star. I want to call my own shots. I want to work when I want, and from where I want, and with whom I want. And at the end of the day, I sure as hell don’t want to be stressed out for 12 hours a day and I don’t want to be buried in paperwork and I don’t want to be setting up the next “meeting” to try to get people excited about selling overpriced crap no one really wants.

Selling like a rock star means building a sales career around something you actually love … something that can bring in real money, serious money, with very little time invested … where you call the shots, and where you can work off of your laptop and cell phone from anywhere in the world, even from a sailboat off the coast of Greece if you want to.

I’m going to be posting some articles and videos here talking about how to build that kind of lifestyle for yourself.

And believe you me: it’s all about lifestyle.

If you’re making $250K a year, but you’re miserable, overworked, never see your wife or kids, never get to travel or take a real vacation, and you’re stuck in an office all week long dancing around for a boss — that’s not lifestyle.

That’s the rat race, pal.

I’d rather see you earning $175K … living a simpler life … working only a handful of hours each week … traveling the world … selling the way you want to sell … and having fun. I’d rather see you cultivating lifestyle, making phone calls from the beach if you want — not putting on the monkey suit every day to impress the boss and groveling to get clients to buy from you.

This site is going to be all about building a different kind of sales career.

What you’re going to be learning here is how to earn all the money you need, while designing the kind of LIFE you actually want to be living.

No one seems to be offering this kind of sale training. Kind of the Four-Hour Sales Week sort of training, I guess you could call it. Freelance sales (or independent sales, if you prefer that) is all about putting together a sales career of your own, away from the corporate gig, away from all the conventional sales jobs out there. It’s possible (I’m pulling it off easily enough myself); and with a little training, it’s probably possible for you too.

So stick around, watch some videos, and come back often. This is going to be a fun ride.

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